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How Will You Benefit from Permanent Cosmetics

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How Will You Benefit from Permanent Cosmetics

As of late, permanent cosmetics have become a popular treatment for women of all ages. Permanent cosmetics at Midsota Plastic Surgeons provide a wonderful alternative—whether a woman is hoping to restore a youthful appearance or simplify her morning make-up routine.

Unsure if this treatment is right for you? Here, we explore a number of reasons women are increasingly choosing permanent cosmetics.

Did You Know? On average, a woman spends 14 ½ minutes on their makeup each day—and almost double that, 25 minutes, on the weekend.

A Natural Look

One of the top concerns for women is that permanent cosmetics will look unnatural. Neither harsh nor obvious, permanent makeup actually mimics the soft, natural look of makeup. At Midsota Plastic Surgeons, we have a wide array of colors that promise to subtly enhance your features—not overpower them. To an unknowing eye, permanent cosmetics are seemingly invisible.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Cosmetics are a common skin irritant. Instead of giving the skin a healthy glow, cosmetics can make a woman’s skin sensitive, red, or itchy skin. For many women, cosmetics carry unfortunate side effects including breakouts and watery eyes. While you may experience some redness and puffiness immediately following your treatment, permanent cosmetics are a great investment for women struggling from sensitive skin.

Long Wearing

As any woman will tell you, makeup fades throughout the day. What looked exquisite in the morning can be a mess by afternoon. A tedious task, reapplication is not only time consuming but is also annoying. With permanent cosmetics, you are free to enjoy your day without worrying about your makeup smudging and smearing.

Hides Skin Imperfections

Aware that permanent cosmetics are an option for emphasizing the eyes, eyebrows, and lips—many are not aware that permanent cosmetics can also be used to camouflage slight skin imperfections like birthmarks, scars, burns, or acne scarring. Permanent cosmetics can even be used to conceal areas of pigment loss. Many of our patients enjoy the benefit of improved self-confidence as they are no longer worried about the appearance of a lingering imperfection

Great for an Aging Appearance

Along with aging comes a barrage of physical changes. For many, this includes a number of changes to our facial features including eyebrows that become increasingly sparse and lips that grow pale and no longer look as defined as they once did in our youth. Permanent cosmetics can be used to rejuvenate aging features by redefining and filling in areas of loss.

Permanent Cosmetics at Midsota Plastic Surgeons

At Midsota Plastic Surgeons, we understand that permanent cosmetics can be a bit daunting. We promise to work with you to develop a treatment plan that you are not only comfortable with, but are excited about. Please contact us to schedule your personal permanent cosmetics consultation.