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Make the Switch to Permanent Cosmetics

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  • Written By: Midsota Plastic Surgery
Make the Switch to Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent cosmetics are designed to make your life easier. With your eyes lined, eyebrows filled, and lips already colored, you can be sure you are ready to take on your days head on—and with a pretty face to boot.

I Need More Time in My Mornings

Mornings are rushed enough as they are and tedious makeup application can put even more of a crunch on your morning routine. With your eyes and lips already defined, permanent makeup can save you valuable time—whether you choose a few more minutes in bed, to sit down and enjoy your breakfast, or stop for a latte is up to you!

I Feel Naked without Makeup

Many women feel more comfortable with their “face” on. Permanent makeup can do wonders to define and complement your facial features. With your face permanently painted on, you can leave the house feeling confident with your appearance. Another plus! Permanent makeup will not fade, wear-away, or smudge throughout the day.

I Like a Natural Look

There is a misconception that permanent cosmetics will look overdone. When performed by Midsota’s experienced makeup artists, permanent makeup mimics the soft, smooth, and natural appeal of physical makeup. Our St. Cloud patients find that their permanent makeup is indistinguishable from actual makeup—both in person and in photos.

Permanent makeup is a great solution for any women who wants to look her best without the fuss of daily makeup application. Does this sound good to you? Schedule your complimentary permanent makeup consultation at one of Midsota Plastic Surgeons four St. Cloud area practices.