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Smooth Legs for Days

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  • Written By: Midsota Plastic Surgery
Smooth Legs for Days

Midsota Plastic Surgeons offers laser hair removal with the Candela GentleMax Laser. Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle, thereby removing unwanted hair. The GentleMax offers both the 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:Yag lasers. With these two systems available, we can treat all skin types safely.

Preparing for a laser treatment requires clean, tan free skin which is closely shaven. Hair anywhere on the body can be addressed, as long as there is some color to the hair.

The GentleMax laser provides a very comfortable experience as it offers a cooling system. This makes for a clean and quick procedure. Different sites require more or fewer treatments. Treatment plans are set up according to the area treated.

Downtime is minimal with laser hair removal. Skin may be red or tender for the first few hours. Shaving is the only other recommended method for further hair removal during the laser treatment process. The hair will seem stunted with light growth until the next treatment is required. There are usually six weeks between GentleMax laser treatments (*). Maintenance treatments may be needed for best long-term results.

Consults are always complimentary so contact Midsota Plastic Surgeons to schedule yours. There is a treatment package available to meet your needs.