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Facial Procedures

Your face is your own personal brand — it can tell a lot about who you are or how you are feeling. However, if you find that signs of aging or a specific facial feature is hiding the real you, ask the experts at CentraCare – Midsota Plastic Surgery how our facial procedures can help you achieve your ideal look and unique identity with natural-looking results.

Eyelid Surgery

Droopy upper eyelids or bags beneath your eyes can cause you to look tired or older than you are. Eyelid surgery can restore a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Brow Lift

A heavy brow or deep forehead furrows can make you look angry, sad or tired. A brow lift can dramatically improve your overall look.

Facelift And Neck Lift

Aging can cause loose skin, jowls and deep wrinkles, but a face and neck lift can rejuvenate your look and take years off your appearance.

Nose Surgery

Whether too big, too small, crooked or anything in between, a nose can affect your self-confidence. Nose surgery can reshape your nose and improve facial balance.

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