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Breast Augmentation

Breast Procedures in St. Cloud

At CentraCare – Midsota Plastic Surgery, we understand what it means to feel good about your body. A breast augmentation can achieve a subtle boost in your cup size, correct asymmetrical breasts or create a more shapely, feminine figure. Whether you want to feel more comfortable in your favorite clothes or stand out in a bikini, we offer a variety of different breast implant options.

Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty) at First Glance

Ages: 18+/22+ (saline/silicone)
Return to Work (Estimated): 4-7 days
Surgery Time (Estimated): 1 hour
Recovery Time (Estimated): 2 weeks
Off Restrictions (Estimated): 4 weeks
Cost: Contact us for a quote or financing options.

What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

What can I expect from a breast augmentation?

After surgery, you should notice a change right away in the size, shape and feel of your breasts. Incision lines can be easily hidden beneath your clothing — even under most bathing suits and lingerie.

The results of your breast augmentation are designed to last for years, but it is important to remember that breast implants are not intended to be permanent. If an implant needs to be replaced, or you want to revise a previous augmentation for personal reasons, you can undergo a revision breast augmentation surgery

How can I get more information about breast augmentation?

We want to hear about your needs and goals so we can create the best procedure plan for your body. Further conversations will include implant type, size and location, as well as how to prepare for surgery and recovery. We want you to feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. We welcome questions! Contact us for a consultation.