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Excess Skin & Fat Removal in St. Cloud

Congratulations on your weight loss! Losing weight is a positive life-changing experience and can provide you with many health benefits, but it can leave behind large amounts of excess skin. While a tummy tuck is effective in restoring the shape and tone of the midsection, a panniculectomy at CentraCare – Midsota Plastic Surgery is best for people who have a large overhang of skin (panniculus) along the lower abdomen.

Panniculectomy at First Glance

Ages: Age varies; Most common after massive weight loss
Return to Work (Estimated): 2 weeks
Surgery Time (Estimated): 2-5 hours
Recovery Time (Estimated): 2 weeks
Off Restrictions (Estimated): 4 weeks
Cost: May be covered by insurance.

What are the benefits of a panniculectomy?

  • Remove large amounts of excess skin and subcutaneous fat.
  • Reduce skin irritations, skin erosion or persistent rashes.
  • Allow you to perform usual daily activities that are hindered by the panniculus.
  • Boost self-confidence.

What can I expect from a panniculectomy?

You will notice results from your surgery right away. To maintain the slimmer shape of your body, it is important to continue a healthy diet and exercise habits.

How can I get more information about a panniculectomy?

We want to hear about your needs and goals so we can create the best procedure plan for your body. If you are a candidate for a lower body lift as well, the two procedures can be designed together and performed in a single surgery. Later, you may choose to proceed with other body contouring surgeries, such as an arm, thigh or breast lift. We want you to feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. We welcome questions! Contact us for a consultation.