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The Perfect Season for Plastic Surgery

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The Perfect Season for Plastic Surgery

As anyone familiar with Minnesota weather knows, January, February, and even March are amongst the most bitterly cold. If you have been considering a cosmetic change, there is no time like the present. The winter months are a perfect time to undergo your chosen cosmetic procedure at Midsota Plastic Surgeons. As you bundle up—and in—the colder months provide an opportune time to rest and recover.

Nestle In

A restful recovery is key to the success of your surgery. Winter is the perfect season to cuddle-up and stay inside. With it being frigid outside, you can enjoy snuggling in and giving your body a chance to relax and heal. More so, as the days are short and chilly, you are far less likely to feel you are missing out as you might on a bright and sunny spring or summer’s day.

Bundle Up

With bitterly cold temperatures, you are sure to be wearing multiple layers. Take advantage of chucky sweaters, cuddly scarves, and warm winter hats. Heavy clothing and added layers can camouflage still-recovering areas—including surgical swelling, bruising, redness, or surgical garments and dressings. Not only does your winter wardrobe provide a convenient cover-up, loose layers is less restricting—allowing you a more comfortable recovery.

Well Protected

While you may miss the warmth of the sun, the dark days of winter are actually beneficial to your recovery. The sun’s harmful UV rays can slow and prolong your post-surgical healing. Incision sites are especially sun-sensitive—when exposed, these sites are prone to worsening scarring.

Likewise, even less invasive procedures such as laser treatments and skin resurfacing treatments like chemical peels are affected by the sun. Treatments like these increase the skin’s sensitivity; thus, when exposed to UV rays, your skin is more likely to darken and can even scar.

Take Advantage of the Winter Season with Midsota Plastic Surgeons

We understand that each of our patients has different priorities and goals as they schedule their operation or skin treatment. For some, it is important to be ready for the upcoming summer. For others, the bleakness of winter allows them the needed downtime. Whatever your goals, we are here for you.

Schedule a consultation with one of our expert surgeons to learn if now—in the midst of a frightfully cold winter—is the right time for you to embark on your plastic surgery journey.