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Look Well Rested with Eyelid Surgery

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Look Well Rested with Eyelid Surgery

Hit the hay, catch some z’s, get some shut eye, take 40 winks, turn in. What a lot of ways to say sleep! Judging by the number of words used to describe it, a good nights’ rest is clearly very important to us. We have one more to add to the list—beauty sleep. Long been a part of our vernacular, new research shows that beauty sleep is in fact a very real thing. According to a new study published by the Royal Society of Open Sciencemen and women are deemed more attractive after a good nights’ sleep.

Men and Women Are More Attractive When Well Rested

In the study, researchers photographed a group of twenty-five men and women between the ages of 18 and 47 years old on two separate occasions. They were first photographed after two consecutive good nights’ rest at eight hours, and then again a week later after restricting their sleep to four hours for two consecutive nights. The photographs were viewed by second group of men and women who were asked to rate the the subjects on attractiveness, health, sleepiness, and trustworthiness. They were also asked how likely they were to socialize with the person in each of the photos.

When sleep was restricted, the subjects were viewed as less attractive, less healthy, and seemingly sleepier when compared to their well-rested selves. The research found that there was no significant difference in trustworthiness. Those looking at the photographs were also less willing to socialize with tired looking subjects than those who appeared well rested. Researchers concluded “that restricted sleep affects facial appearance negatively and decreases others’ willingness to socialize with the sleep deprived person”.

Eyelid Surgery Can Help You Look Well Rested

It is quite clear that sleep is a paramount to how we perceive one another. Here, at Midsota Plastic Surgeons, we have an idea of why—tired eyes. Tired eyes are characterized by puffy eyelids, heavy bags under the eye, and dark circles. For many, a good nights’ rest is not enough to remedy their perpetually sleepy looking eyes. Men and women with tired, worn down looking eyes can benefit from Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty awakens the eye by:

  • Reducing a sagging or drooping upper lid
  • Minimizing puffiness beneath the eye
  • Smoothing fine lines that have developed at the eyes’ outer corners

A lifted, rejuvenated eye makes one look alert and more awake.

Look Your Best with Eyelid Surgery at Midsota Plastic Surgeons

Don’t let tired eyes keep you from looking your best! Make it look like you are sleeping soundly. Schedule a consultation with one of Midsota’s board certified plastic surgeons to learn more about your eyelid surgery options.