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When to Consider an Arm Lift

When to Consider an Arm Lift

You are at the market when you see an old friend. You go to wave, but then stop yourself, afraid your upper arm will do more waving than your hand. Sound familiar? You are not alone. Many men and women are self-conscious of the appearance of their upper arms. For many of our patients at Midsota Plastic Surgery, an arm lift not only helps improve the appearance of their upper arms, but also provides a much-needed boost to their self-esteem.

While many men and women here in Minnesota are interested in an arm lift, some may be better candidates for this surgical enhancement than others. Here are some things to consider when trying to determine if an arm lift is right for you.

You Have Extra Skin

An arm lift specifically addresses excess and hanging skin on the upper arm—oftentimes referred to as “bat wings”. Depending on the amount of extra skin and correction needed, an incision is made from the armpit to the elbow, and the extra skin is surgically excised. Without this extra skin, your arms will look and feel slimmer. Tight, firm arms do wonders when it comes to enhancing a slender figure and can make you look more physically fit, especially if you currently struggle with excessively drooping and dangling skin.

You Have Little to No Extra Arm Fat

An arm lift is designed to target excess skin rather than excess fat. That said, liposuction can be performed in conjunction with an arm lift when there is a small amount of fat present. Other alternatives may be suggested for patients whose main concern with their upper arms is extra fat.

You Are Healthy and Able to Undergo Surgery

At Midsota Plastic Surgery, our team of plastic surgeons performs arm lift surgery under general anesthesia. As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, it is important that you are in good health and that your body is strong enough to sustain surgery. To minimize complications, smokers must stop smoking at least six weeks before and after surgery. As an arm lift often accompanies major weight loss, we encourage our patients to maintain a stable body weight for at least one year prior to their surgery.

Your Arm Lift at Midsota Plastic Surgery

Don’t hesitate the next time you go to wave! Enjoy the improved appearance of your arms with an arm lift at Midsota Plastic Surgery when you schedule your personal consultation at our St. Cloud, Minnesota, plastic surgery practice.

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