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3 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Botox®

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3 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Botox®

You have likely heard a lot about Botox®! Whether it’s from friends, on the news or gracing our social media accounts, Botox is everywhere. Indeed, it remains one of the top minimally invasive procedures that we perform here at Midsota MedSpa. While you likely already know just how popular Botox is, you may not know these three interesting facts.

Botox Helps with a Number of the Leading Signs of Aging

Botox is used to soften crow’s feet (the fine lines at the outer corners of the eyes), frown lines (the vertical wrinkles that develop in between the eyebrows), and moderate to severe forehead lines (those stubborn horizontal lines that run the length of your forehead). The FDA also approves the use for the treatment of migraines, an overactive bladder, and extreme sweating.

Botox Is Made with One of the Most Purified Toxins Known to Science

Botox is well researched, well tested, and well used. In fact, the toxin’s powerful paralyzing nature is actually what keeps wrinkles at bay. Botox works because a microscopic amount of the botulinum toxin is able to block wrinkle causing muscle contractions.

Botox Works Best When Performed by an Experienced Injector

Botox is derived from the purified toxin, Clostridium botulinum. The botulinum toxin is so powerful that even with Botox’s high demand, just a baby aspirin amount of the powdered toxin is enough to make the global supply of Botox for an entire year. Because of its strength, Botox should not be performed by just anyone. For the most effective Botox treatments, your ideal choice is an expert who has the skill, experience and expertise to know exactly how much Botox to administer and where the injections will have the most impact. Midsota MedSpa’s team of injectors is very experienced and is careful to employ a precise injection technique. We pride ourselves on the ability to keep your appearance looking naturally rejuvenated.

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