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Celebrate BRA Day at Midsota Plastic Surgery

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Celebrate BRA Day at Midsota Plastic Surgery

This month, our team at Midsota Plastic Surgeons is proud to be celebrating our 4th BRA Day. A seemingly fitting acronym, BRA Day, or, Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, is a campaign dedicated to promoting awareness of the many reconstruction options available to women post mastectomy. Started in 2011, BRA Day was designed not only to build reconstruction awareness, but also to educate women and increase access to information. With amazing success, BRA Day festivities are now held in over 25 countries.

Each year, more than 296,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer—a shockingly high number, up to 70% of these women are not informed of the reconstructive options available to them. Further emphasizing the lack of awareness, only 23% of women who have some understanding of reconstruction options are familiar with the wide range of options available. While breast reconstruction is not right for every woman, the belief of BRA Day supporters is that all women should be made aware of the options. BRA Day also advocates that all women should be offered treatment in both a timely and safe manner.

Did You Know? Federal law mandates coverage of breast reconstruction for all breast cancer patients.

Ultimately, BRA Day is about more than awareness and statistics. Breast cancer, having to undergo a mastectomy, and the resulting treatments are often devastating. Women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery post-mastectomy emphasize the importance it played not only in their physical recovery but also in their emotional healing.

We would love for you to join us for our BRA Day festivities.

Come and learn more about Breast Reconstruction. Following social hour, we will be holding a short presentation. We will have a special BRA Day Art Exhibit. Refreshments will be served.

Celebrate with Midsota on Wednesday, October 21st at 5:30 at our St. Cloud Office.

Please RSVP to 888-Midsota or 320-253-7257